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 We've all experienced those miserable, gusty days that make your day at the field a frustrating headache that is far from the RC bliss you were hoping for. Flying in inclement weather can be immensely challenging, equating to a much higher work load to compensate for the ever changing airflow conditions that buffet your aircraft in the skies above. Factor in smaller models, and windy conditions go from frustrating to outright perilous, with every model (large and small) at ever increasing risk as wind velocity increases, making every input less predictable as you compensate against an invisible yet angry foe.

With a flight controller in the mix, everything changes. Akin to a finely tuned suspension system absorbing undulating terrain, a flight controller is able to instantly react (far faster than you ever could) to any unwanted input, providing a rock solid flight that emulates those calm, smooth days we all so desperately crave. No longer are you being forced to "make up" for lousy flight conditions with a heavy workload at the controls when the wind begins to blow; with a flight stabilizer at work, these ultra annoying (and often horrifying) airflow variables are nullified, leaving you to enjoy some of the smoothest flights you've ever experienced before.

Enter the Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro. Encased in an anodized black aluminum shell, the Cortex Pro is clean, sharp and ultra refined. Replacing the original Bavarian Demon Cortex, the Cortex Pro features some incredibly user friendly upgrades, making setup and use easier than ever. And when we say easy, we are speaking of a PC free affair, allowing you to literally setup the Cortex Pro at the field and fly in literal minutes - laptop be damned. Utilizing Spektrum satellites? Well, in that case, a PC will be required to place the satellites in bind mode, but after this, setup is a breeze, with user adjustable gains via the transmitter to help perfect your flying setup.

Unlike other inferior flight stabilization systems that make their presence obnoxiously obvious, the Cortex Pro works subtly in the background, and only compensates for unwanted inputs that are not initiated by the pilot in control. This leaves a solid, stable and locked in flight attitude, with a true "on rails" experience that amplifies your confidence in the most challenging of conditions. Better yet, when the wind begins to push, the Cortex Pro pushes back, turning a frustrating day at the field into a memorable adventure that is no longer limited by inclement conditions outside of your control.

Much akin to morphing a small, light weight plane into a giant scale beast, the Cortex Pro makes minimal sized planes handle like their large scale counterparts. Install the very same Cortex into a larger aircraft, and you are set to experience some of the most precise flight you have ever seen, with true scale like capability as the Cortex Pro nullifies every nuance in the sky. This aspect alone pays massive dividends from below, transforming your aircraft into a hyper controlled machine that can be visibly seen with every input you make.

At a price tag of $299.00, the Cortex Pro can come off as pricey, and for advanced pilots and naysayers alike, an unnecessary "aid" when it comes to a seasoned hand at the sticks. However, don't be dissuaded by such antics, as beginner and pro alike can immensely benefit from the incredible stability the Cortex Pro offers. And don't be fooled: the Cortex Pro is not an auto pilot, nor is it an elixir capable of nullifying poor pilot control. A stall is a stall, and if you put yourself in a bad spot, Sir Isaac Newton is going to trash your plane, no matter what wizardry you may have at play within.

For those piloting high performance aircraft and uber expensive jets, the Cortex Pro is worth its weight in proverbial gold. Not only will the Cortex offer scale like flight qualities that will be appreciated by pilot and spectator alike, the Cortex will no doubt spare your aircraft from impending doom, as low speed stability is crucial when gusty winds are at play. And although unable to prevent a stall, the Cortex Pro can catch aircraft that are more prone to snap stalls and other nefarious behavior, offering more benign approaches when the weather doesn't play fair.

Transform your next flight into something utterly amazing with the Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro. Without doubt, this flight stabilization system is a revolutionary game changer that will leave you never wanting to fly another plane without the Cortex in control. Five Cortex units later, I am 100% convinced of the capability and performance this amazing unit offers; a "convincing" that set in on the very 1st flight with the Cortex at play.

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